Hardisk failure on the server [Expired]
Posted by Technical Manager on 19 July 2021 09:47 PM

Posted on : 19 July 2021 ; 21:30 AM GMT+0800
Expected Resolution Time (ERT) : N/A
IP Range Affected :

Dear Valued Client,

Currently, there were server having hardisk failure because of power issue.

The server currently running on single disk and rebuilding attempt to the disk is failed.

All clients under the server IP was effected. As this news was posted, our engineers has been assigned to resolve the issue at Data Center.

How to check whether your server is located , just follow below step :

At your start program :

1. click START
2. select RUN
3. type this command

ping -t

4. there will be a pop-up prompt with black screen.

5. If the IP listed there is, that means you are hosted on the problem server.

Because of this issue, we are planning to migrate all the hosting account in this server in new server. But since there are many account involve, it may take time for us to migrate all the account.

If you cannot wait, we suggest you to email us at and request to migrate the hosting asap.

You are also advised to back up your website contents using cpanel backup function.

We are sorry for the inconvenienced caused.

iWHOST Support System