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When using Cloudflare below error occurred.

Error 524: a timeout occurred

Error 524 indicates that Cloudflare successfully connected to the origin web server, but the origin did not provide an HTTP response before the default 100 second connection timed out.

Enterprise customers can increase the 524 timeout up to 600 seconds.
Subscribe the Cloudflare from Free version to Enterprise version.
Other option:
Check the script which have high execution time.
1. Does it includes website designing?

>>No, we only can help to modify the Header Logo & Graphic and also the font used.

2. If it does provide website designing, does it cover
Web Design,Web Development,Web Applications &
Programming,Web-based Marketing and
Maintenance,Internet-based Customer Support and etc?

>> N/A.

3. If it does provide website designing, how many
pages will it covers?

>> N/A.

4. What kind of Content Management System are you

>> We are using standard Joomla CMS and Also VirtueMart Shopping Cart

5 What type of payment gateway solution are you

>> We are using Paypal as it will be cheaper per transaction interest.

6. How does the "Able to draw money from Malaysia"

>> We will help you to open an account in USA in which you can transfer the fund from paypal to your US bank account. You may then withdraw it from malaysia using the Debit Card issued by the bank.

7. What kind of payment/shopping do you provide?
PayPal? Cube Cart? Zen Cart?

>> Joomla Virtuemart to Paypal

8 Does the package include SSL cert?

>> No, SSL And dedicated ip is sold separately at

9. Does the package comes with any web hosting plan?

>> No.

10. Does the package provides any form of Web
Marketing for end user?

>> No.

11. Why user needs to provide "Photostat International
Passport for Application Purposes"? What application
are you referring to?

>> To open a USA Bank Account.

If you need to access cPanel/WHM or your databases and do not have the domain pointing to our servers you can access this via either the server hostname (ie: or IP address. Add /cpanel trailing slash (ie: or http://111.222.333.444/cpanel) and enter your username and password for cPanel.

Once you are logging into cPanel you can access phpmyadmin through the 'mySQL Databases' page.
Internet Webhosting  helpdesk accounts are not created for users, the two ways to access and have an account created are to click the 'submit a ticket' link from the main helpdesk page. When you enter your email address and submit your ticket an account is automatically created for you. You can then click the link that you receive in the ticket reply to access your ticket or click on the '[Lost Password]' link on the main support page to have a generic password sent to you.

Once you are logged into the helpdesk you will be able to view all past and present tickets which have been opening under the email address you used to login.

For Cpanel on Linux, Yes, you can install cPanelProxy on your domain for access to cPanel and Webmail from behind a firewall which blocks the usage of the ports which they require.
For more information on cPanelProxy you can visit:
For directions on installing cPanelProxy please visit:
No solution found yet for Plesk for Windows
The way cPanel sets up add-on and parked domains this because they both utilize their own VirtualHost setting in the apache configration file.
The most common reason for logs not being correctly rotated is that there is not sufficient diskspace available in your sites quota to rotate the log and save it (if setup to do so) which means the log is unable to be moved and the starting months log information will automatically get added to the end of the current log file making it seem as though the logs are not rotating correctly.

If you have checked your diskspace and have plenty of space remaining and feel there is still an issue with the log rotation please open a ticket and we will look into your issue right away.
Before submitting a trouble ticket, if you can't reach your website, please:

1) Check the News page at our Support Area.

2) Check our Network Status page to see if the server your account is on is reporting any problems. If the Network Status page shows a problem with the server, we are already aware of the problem and our techs are working to correct it. If there are no problems reported...proceed to step 3:

3) Check to see if your domain name has expired. There is a "Domain Search" on the main page of our site, where you can run a search on your domain. This search will show you the expiration date, as well as a wealth of other information regarding your domain name. You can use other Whois engines to find your domain name expiry date. Two popular ones are: or

4) Ask a remote friend or family member to see if they can reach your site. The problem could simply be a local ISP network issue.

5) If step 1 through 4 yields no resolution for you, feel free to submit a support ticket.

IMPORTANT TIP: A "site outage" does not always indicate a problem with your hosting account or domain name.

The internet is like a big spiderweb of connections and computers. If one of those connections goes down, and it happens to be directly in the path from your computer to our network, you may not be able to reach your website. However, anyone on a different path may still be able to reach your site.

MySQL User Privileges

For security and performance reasons, we does not allow shared hosting accounts to have MySQL Superuser Access. Instead, if your account is on a Shared Server, you are granted the following set of MySQL privileges :

  • DROP
MySQL Event Scheduler

The set of User Privileges listed above does not allow you to use the MySQL Event Scheduler on a Shared Server. In addition to the possible security implications of granting additional privileges, running the Event Scheduler in a Shared Environment could potentially cause high resource usage and affect other accounts.

However, the MySQL Event Scheduler can be enabled for Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Servers as Users are free to configure the MySQL Event Scheduler on their Systems.

The only difference is that your client (IE, Firefox, Mozilla etc) will get a different response of 301 or 302 and search engines seem to cache the information in different ways so that if it gets a permanent redirect it will ignore the original url in the future.

301 Permanent
returns a permanent redirect status (301) indicating that the resource has moved permanently.
302 Temporary
returns a temporary redirect status (302). This is the default and indicates to the client that the resource has moved temporarily.

So generally speaking it would be suggested to use the temporary redirect if it is going to be a permanent change to the navigation.

All of our server have dl,passthru,proc_open,proc_close,shell_exec, and system functions disabled. These are disabled for security purposes and will not be enabled. If you have a script which requires one of these functions please feel free to contact us as we are more than happy to find a way around you issue if at all possible.
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