Knowledgebase : Mysql Support
Login to cPanel at  or Plesk at

Scroll down to 'mySQL databases' and then click on 'phpMyAdmin'  (for Cpanel) or Click to 'Databases' click to your database name and then click on 'DB WebAdmin' 

When phpMyAdmin loads select the database you want to backup from the dropdown menu in the left frame
When the tables load in the right frame up top click on 'Export'

On the next page you will see a list of all of the database tables, you can check 'Select All' or select whichever tables you want to backup.

Then at the bottom of the page make sure you check off the 'Save as File' option. By default your backup will come in plain format with a .SQL extension, you can also have the choice to get it zipped (.ZIP) or tarred (.tar.gz)

Once you click 'Go' this will start the SQL backup process in the background, this usually only takes a few seconds but can take up to a few minutes if you have a large database (20MB+) which will then prompt you for your download so you can select where to save.
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